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Flowing Your Genome to Optimize Your Health

Flowing your genome to optimize your health

The Healing Power of Water

Water supports us internally both physiologically and spiritually. Physiologic support includes thousands of processes, but on a basic level allows us to reproduce; ensures cellular health and energy; assists in hormone and neurotransmitter production, oxygen delivery, saliva for digestion, bodily waste elimination through urine, temperature regulation; acts as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord, and much more. Immersion in it. whether we are soaking in a hot spring or swimming in the ocean, can lower stress hormones like cortisol and relax us.”

“On a global scale, water synergistically bonds to our DNA, allowing it to morph into the building blocks for amino acids and beyond. Without it, our chromosomes would never have formed, and life would not exist on our planet. Interestingly, water spirals up our strands of DNA, in a way similar to how yogis as early asin the Vedic Upanishads describe the pattern of kundalini energy—on a much larger scale—ascending our spine. Could DNA be awakened similarly to kundalini? Perhaps kundalini awakening resonates and ripples this pattern into our DNA.”

Diving with humpback whales off Maui: “The eerie sound of the singing pod flowed through me, connecting me to them as if I were swimming with them. I could hear a shorter, higher-pitched sound—likely was a newborn calf. .. Could the resonate tones have touched our deeper energy bodies in ways we couldn’t explain? Amongst all whales, the humpback song seems to relate more harmoniously to humans, perhaps even sending messages beyond our conscious perceptions.
“While meditating on the shore, visualize the water cleansing your body and resonating your DNA to optimal health. Breathe in the fresh air and vaporized water to cleanse your lungs and open your heart. Be one with the molecule you are mostly made of and nurture its purity and energetic qualities for your health.”