Spiritual Genomics, resources for shifting your DNA into a state of wellness and vibrant resonance.


Words of Praise for Spiritual Genomics

“A Must Read”

“Fred’s boundless curiosity and impeccable research connect the dots between exploration and science, giving us paths to follow to stay healthy, happy and spiritually expanding. His book is a must-read for those who seek new perspectives from the ancients to modern possibilities for shifting ourselves and our DNA.”

~ Jonette Crowley, Spiritual “Indiana Jones,” author of ‘The Eagle and the Condor, and Soul Body Fusion

“Thank You for this Incredible Book!”

“Wow! What an incredible book. Definitely a must read. I agree with Dr Grover that the drug of choice in our chaotic world today is “stress” and getting back to the simple acts of mindfulness, sacred plant medicine and sacred geometry is a must, or our world will suffer greatly. There is so much good in this book and coming from an MD makes it even better.”

~ Daniel Gutierrez, international best-selling author of Radical Mindfulness | Speaker | Mindful Leadership Expert |Master Life/Business Coach

“Uncovers hidden connections between material and energetic realms.”

“In this beautifully written must-read book, Dr. Fred Grover shares discoveries from his lifelong, planetary odyssey to uncover the hidden connections between the material and energetic realms. The powerful techniques he suggests can change the expression of your genes to increase longevity and to stay healthier longer.”

Terry Grossman, MD, Grossman Wellness Center, Denver / Internationally recognized Anti-Aging and Longevity Specialist

“Exciting, interesting and truly a good read”

“I really enjoyed Spiritual Genomics! Fred Grover takes us on a journey through time and space to investigate different healing modalities in his search for discovering different ways to assist our health and happiness. A combination travel journal, scientific treatise, historical document and spiritual exploration, Spiritual Genomics is fascinating, covering topics as diverse as the healing abilities of sacred geometry, sound, water, dance, meditation, plant medicine and much more.”

Jonathan Goldman, world famous musician, author, and sound healer.

“Outdone himself in a heroic task of synthesizing an amazing work”

“Dr. Grover has outdone himself in a heroic task of synthesizing an amazing work, revealing cutting edge research on perhaps the most interesting and important topics of our time— which our ancestors knew of and we are now collectively re-membering at a whole new octave of understanding. He addresses the basis of frequency and vibration as the stratum underlying creation, which gives us many keys’ to quantum evolutionary leaps— so essential for the times we live in.”

Kimba Arem, musician, recording artist, author, sound healer.