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Sacred Geometry

Resonating to the Sacred in Nature, Art, & Architecture 

Ammonite Shell, one more example like the chambered nautilus, of the Fibonnaci sequence.

Resonating to the sacred through form

Sacred Geometry

Book excerpts:

Visiting Alhambra Palace, Spain- “Masculine/feminine balance radiates from the twelve masculine, white marble lions supporting the feminine alabaster circular basin. As the water flows out of the lions’ mouths into the courtyard channels, the two energies merge.”

“Our physical and energetic body, all the way down to the subatomic level, mirrors these fractal geometries surrounding us. Tapping deeply into a sacred site’s geometry, its alignment to the stars and energetic positioning on Earth provides a unique opportunity for us to further amplify, and possibly activate our DNA to the intelligence and interdimensional field of the cosmos.”

“In my opinion, the universe has a multidimensional intelligence, and it’s waiting for us to evolve and see the bigger picture.”

“The Fibonacci sequence is widespread, even sometimes appearing to be ubiquitous. It’s found in a pine cone, flowering artichokes, branching limbs of a tree, a nautilus shell, for example, and even in the interval length of your fingertips… Going deeper within yourself, you find the spiral pronounced in the double helix of your DNA.”

“At Palenque Maya pyramid- “As I meditated at a small pyramid, I felt an intense rush of energy flowing from my sacrum up my spine, bringing in visuals of the community when it was inhabited. The “activation” thus included not only a kundalini-like flow of energy but as well an informational download. Sometimes there is a tingling between my brow that then flows down my spine. This, in my opinion, may represent energetic flow through the Third Eye and pineal gland, which can then flow to the other chakras.”

“Appreciating these geometries as we hike or meditate in nature, whether observing the underside of a mushroom, a flower, a fern tendril, or the fractalization of branches in a tree, will nourish our soul and activate our healing DNA. Holding these geometric forms during meditation, wearing them, or experiencing expansive sacred geometry while beingpresent in cathedrals, temples, and circles is also enlightening.”

“On this day a new waitress showed up at my table with a Flower of Life tattoo on her forearm. I’d seen plenty of sacred geometry elements tattooed and incorporated into owls, snakes, dragons, birds, fish, and beyond, but this was a simple, pure Flower of Life.”

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