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Global Map of Activations

See the map below for updated global activation points.


Global Gaia Activation Map

The map below illustrates points on the globe where Fred and his crystal grid partners have amplified energetic power centers on our planet’s ley lines.

While hiking the Inca trail in 2011, Fred received an insight while meditating. This initial insight informed him to place crystals in “apachetas”, (sacred cairn like piles of rocks) on the way to Machu Picchu. Apachetas are described by Peruvian shamans as nodal points that enhance a ley line of energy to the sacred city of Cuzco, capitol of the Inca and navel of mother earth. So the Incas and other ancient cultures including the American Southwest (Chacoans), and Neolithic Europeans created and amplified these energetic lines with stones, and lines. The Peruvian apachetas are similar to the way acupuncture points on meridians are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to balance and heal. Our planet needs this as well.

After arriving at the “Gate of the Sun” he was called to place small crystals at Machu Picchu. Thinking he was done with his work, further meditations guided him to many more sacred sites for crystal placements. After 7 years of work he had deeper insights to his planetary placements. He was shown that his ongoing grid of crystals placed at numerous sacred sites is helping to connect the energies of Heart island (S. America) to Turtle island (N. America) By bringing in and activating these ancient healing energies of the Inca, Maya, Native Americans and other ancients using ceremony and sacred geometry, followed by meditatively connecting this grid to the light energies of love and compassion he is hopeful see this collectively improve life on planet earth and beyond.  His meditations visualize these global activation crystals placed around the world creating beams of connected rainbow light flowed and spread around the planet by the Maya feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl. His intention is to connect this crystal grids with others that radiate light, hoping to help re-emerge the energies of the ancients and beyond to heal mother earth. While this may sound a bit out there for some, please trust me, and others in this work.