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Plant Medicine

The Potential of Plant Medicine and Modern Derivatives to Open Your Mind and Enhance Your Genome


Plant Medicine

Click here to download a free PDF of Chapter 8 from Spiritual Genomics: The Potential of Plant Medicine and Modern Derivatives to Open Your Mind and Enhance Your Genome.” 

Quotes from this chapter:

“As wisdom teachers tell us, we all have our own unique path. Finding what flows with you and even feels timeless, as if you’ve been there before, will be the best path forward.”

“According to the CDC, 70,200 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2017, the majority from narcotics, 17,000 of which were prescribed”.

“Additionally, excess consumption of alcohol was responsible for approximately 88,000 deaths and 2.5 million years of potential life lost (YPLL) each year in the United States 2006–2010. This equates to an average shortening of their life span by thirty years.”

“Quite clearly, the legal availability of many of the most harmful substances and the restriction of others has been influenced by lobbyists and politicians, rather than by looking at the big realistic picture of what is harmful and lethal public health. Most of us know someone killed by a drunk driver; every night on the news we are informed of such tragic deaths. Have you ever heard of someone being killed enjoying a psilocybin-mushroom journey?”

“The ancients used plants to heal, to expand consciousness, and to learn. One plant or combination of plants can address different levels of a condition—simultaneously working the physical, emotional, and energy body. Sometimes plants root out an emotional block; or, they amplify a sense of community or connectedness with the universe, and have even been documented to have healed a life-threatening illness. Other times they may induce a vision of how to solve a problem.”

“The psychoactive plants may stimulate diverse neural connections, reaching beyond the familiar pathways. This can increase creativity and the inner knowing of our unconscious to assist in healing our bodies and mind.”

“Perhaps it is our individual or cultural departure from experiencing ecstasy and non-ordinary states of consciousness that is leading us down a narrow field of awareness more focused on materialism, ego, and technology.”

“Interestingly enough, we are finding that psychoactive plants, such as ayahuasca (a vine from the Amazon), have been more successful in breaking drug and alcohol addiction than traditional abstinence programs.”

“For those simply seeking a spiritual transformation, the use of psychoactive plants under the guidance of a qualified shaman may offer a deeper root or connectedness to the world around you.”

“A mystical experience oftentimes reveals your inner god, spirit, and interconnections to the cosmos. Benevolent deities, saints, and spirit entities may offer healings, creative insights, and downloads.”

“One must be willing to let go and allow the psychoactive plant and curandero to assist in your mystical healing—and spirit travel into what is, in our conscious states, typically an impenetrable portal.”

“At sunset, with the fire stoked in the center of the circular ceremonial room warming the cool room, I could hear the valley breeze blowing down from the Andes Mountains around us, rustling the thatched roof above.”

“The geometry came alive, with gold light intermixed with iridescent, fluorescent-like colors of unbelievable beauty. At times multidimensional-seeming, it took me on a fractal trail that seemed to go to infinity. I felt a deep oneness with the universe.”

“Never had I imagined that sound would so profoundly
increase the visual complexity and color saturation. This
enhancement occurred with perfect synchrony to his chanting.”

“Ayahuasca gives a more gradual spiral into the cosmic
realms, whereas pure DMT rockets one into these realms
with what many would describe as the white light of a near-death experience.”

“Similar to the San Pedro cactus in Peru, this mushroom made
me want to feel nature and commune with it—sliding off my
shoes and walking barefoot on the ground, letting the energy flow through my feet and up my spine.”

“With psilocybin, it’s very possible to go into that egoless state of oneness.”

“In my opinion, future legalization of psilocybin offers the greatest potential benefit to society due to its therapeutic capacity, low side-effect profile, nonaddictive properties, affordability, and most importantly its capacity to reconnect us to ourselves, nature, and one another.”

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