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Mindfulness &Meditation

Shift Your DNA for Wellness & Longevity with these Ancient Practices

Dr. Grover recently filmed on his sound lounger meditating to mantra music and connecting to the cosmos with sacred geometry.  To  Learn more about sound healing and sacred geometry, explore his chapters on these powerful modalities in his book Spiritual Genomics

Filmed by Scott Slack, from the series and website “Within the Sacred”. 


mindfulness: the wisdom of ancient healing

Meditation and Mindfulness as Preventative Medicine

“In my opinion, the most important primary preventative strategy may be mindfulness—whether it prevents you from having heart disease or from hurting yourself or another in being overstressed. It may be the best violence-prevention strategy for our nation and world too, which desperately needs an intervention to reduce hate crimes such as mass shootings.”

“In 2016, a Zen meditation study demonstrated this positive effect by showing longer median telomere length in expert meditators compared to non-meditators. An emphasis on acceptance and compassion is pertinent to Zen meditation. Prior studies, byQ. Conklin et al. (2015) and N. A. Schutte and J. M. Malouff (2014), also associated mindfulness-based practices with longer telomeres. From these studies, it can be concluded that all types of meditation can help improve your telomere length.”

“I love retreats, but see them as building on my foundation at home. It’s just like climbing mountains on the weekend for me. I have to maintain a level of fitness that allows me to have a “peak experience” and a higher likelihood of reaching the summit, just as a meditation retreat will take me deeper inside or into the stars if I’ve done the work upfront.”

“In addition to reducing stress through mindfulness, an often more important process is to learn how to release negative and/or traumatic experiences. Since this can be a root cause of acute and chronic stress, failing to address and deeply release deep seated negative experiences can limit the benefits of therapies. Meditating or praying to a place of forgiveness and compassion for oneself or others can often release painful experiences, but for many they can’t go there or access it. Particularly those who witnessed a murder, were raped, or experienced other horrific crimes.”

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