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Putting it All Together

Finding & Embracing Oneness in Your Life

Finding & Embracing Oneness

“I sensed a vortex of energy spiraling from our circle of drum beats, resonating into the cosmos. I felt Mother Earth underfoot and Father Sky coming through my crown to create an ecstatic state of timeless oneness. I had experienced this before, but the setting—in the beautiful circular ceremonial room—and group energy took me to a new level.”

“So what is “Oneness”? Is it just another esoteric New Age term or something legitimate and worthy of scientific exploration?”

“I am hopeful that we can shift the mindset of our ego-inflated leaders to a more balanced or ego-free state, rather than run the risk of seeing them destroy our world, sending us back again to a primal survival state. Our leaders might have the capacity to let go of ego, but in this position of power and control, it is unlikely they will relinquish ego for the greater good.”

“My sense is that these civilizations peaked during a matriarchal period or time when the Divine Feminine prevailed over the masculine. They embraced a more ego-free state and a more compassionate and supportive society. Their downfall typically occurred when leaders dove too aggressively into masculine pursuits of conquest rather than balancing those pursuits with nurturing their homeland.”

“Experiencing oneness with a partner during orgasm can be an out-of-body experience, creating a deep sacred-sexuality union. The loving spiraling of kundalini energies from root to crown, followed by the orgasmic expansion into the universe together or sequentially, is one of the most powerful things we can feel.”

“As you find your personal formula, diving deeper and deeper, you will have more moments of spiritual awakening and insights. I see myself as a modern healer integrating the wisdom of ancient medicine and spirituality to help others on their path. Where I am at on the path depends in part on where we as a whole are on this path. By helping others, we create an interlaced unified field of spiritual growth”

“If we simply choose love, compassion, and forgiveness, our course is set in the right direction.”